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How to Eat Clean on a Trip

Jordan and I are going up to Edmonton which is about a 6 hour drive from here, so we thought that instead of stopping and getting fast food, that we would instead just pack our own snacks and munch the whole way. We are staying in Edmonton 1 night, and Calgary for another… Saturday we are meeting Tony Horton!! Ah!!! So… here is our list of the top 5 ways to eat clean on a trip.

Tip 1) Pack a huge bag of cut up, washed and ready to eat vegetable and fruit. (keep them in separate bags hehe) Pack them in a cooler or a bag with some ice packs. Unless you have a plastic cooler, I don’t recommend using straight ice as this could make for a mess to clean up later. Boo! Snack on those when you get hungry.beachbody trip 005

Tip 2) Drink a lot of water. This is not going to be too fun for long road trips or plane rides, (you’ll have to pee a bunch) but it will keep you alert and thinking clearly. Pack one gallon of water per person that you can fill up when empty and try to drink the whole thing per day. Of course you cannot do this on a plane as liquids are prohibited for the most part. Drink lots on the plane though…Water of course!

Tip 3) Eating at restaurants.
Eat the leanest meat possible, usually chicken, fish, lean sirloin or fillets.
Always ask for no butter.
If possible, ask to have your food grilled, poached, boiled, baked or steamed.
Stay away from anything with the words creamy or buttery in them.
Eat complex carbs like sweet potato, quinoa, or brown rice. Whole wheat pasta is okay in a pinch.
Remember that restaurant portions are usually double to triple the amount of a regular portion, so ask for a take out bag as soon as you get your meal and pack up half. You won’t eat over your calories, and you will get a second meal out of it!15_Minute_Chicken_and_Rice_Dinner

Tip 4) In your hotel room… Pack along some cutlery, bowls and plates so you can make your own food in the room.
Buy some whole wheat bread to keep on your counter, along with some peanut butter for a healthy, protein filled snack. peanut-butter-and-bread_vbpOK_24702
Bring, or buy almonds, raisins and any other food that travels, or keeps well. (Blueberries tend to last a while on your counter.)
Boil water in your coffee pot and pour over oats for a quick, healthy oatmeal. P.S. making your own food in the room saves a tonne in restaurant fees… BONUS!
Bring your protein powder or shakeology along to get all your nutrients for the day. Mix with water, or if you have a fridge, some unsweetened almond milk for a healthy, nutrient dense snack.

Tip 5) If your only option is to eat from a gas station… Find foods that have an expiration date as these will be healthier than the foods that can live on the shelf for decades. Usually they have somewhat healthy sandwiches, yogurt or fruit. Water is always your best best, but if you need carbs and sugar quick, orange or apple juice will do.
If your only option is to eat fast food, opt for the grilled chicken salad, (regular if you are a vegan/vegetarian.) If you can’t stand the thought of a salad, have the burger. Yes I said it…have the burger, but stick to one patty and load up on the good stuff (lettuce, pickles, tomato, onion etc.) Skip the cheese and special sauce as these can rack up on calories. Opt for mustard instead. If you want fries terribly, order the small (roughly 230 calories.) These are not the worst foods you can pick… everything in moderation :)burger